Open air movie festival of La villette

La Villette is busy concocting a yummy menu for you for this 27th edition of open-air cinema. The list is ready, so now it’s time to head to the market for the shopping. Check back with us in May 2017 to find out what the ingredients will be.


Garden-smoked coley and baby potatoes in vinaigrette. Or perhaps you’d rather have a grilled filet of brill on its bed of asparagus, seaweed, and sprigs of wild dill? Then again, maybe you have a hankering for something sweet like rhubarb pie topped with a light curry cream?
We’ve already begun our shopping list for the market. It’s a list of books. Yasujirô Ozu’s book Le Goût du riz au thé vert is devoted to rice and green tea. Our list also includes La Graine et le mulet penned by Abdellatif Kechiche, Le Festin de Babette by Gabriel Axel, and Ratatouille by Brad Bird. Sizzling delights!

from 20 July 2017 to 20 August 2017

211 avenue Jean Jaurès – 75019 Paris

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