Red wine at Baron Rouge

It’s Thursday today and the week-end is starting in Paris. The time seems entirely appropriate to recommend a neighborhood bar that is worth a look. Then go tonight at the Baron Rouge at the characteristic “apéro” hour.


There are a tonne of reasons for The Guardian considers this bar as one of the “best bars in the world […] you’ll have a truly French experience here.  Arrive early and you can get a seat on one of the banquettes. Wine comes in bottles, glasses, or from the barrel. We counted 60 wines, with small glasses for €1.50 – a miracle in Paris. Soak it up with the rillettes and charcuterie plates which appear without you asking. By 7pm you’ll be lucky to get in, but hang with the crowds on the street, and there’ll be people playing cards, a lot of French chatter, and veterans rocking up with empty bottles to fill from the barrels. On Sundays you’ll find oysters heaped in baskets.”

Le Baron Rouge
1, rue Théophile Roussel 75012 Paris
Tel : +

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